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            In Memory of

        Aaliyah Dana Haughton

        January 16, 1978  -  August 25, 2001 







             The Baka Boyz

          Tribute to Aaliyah




Just when you thought we saw the best of the Baka Boyz, they proved us wrong. 

J-Love (The Producer),  Lil Jae (The Mummy), and Jonny Bravo (from San Jose) all

representing the Baka Boyz went way beyond their call of duty.  The three of them

worked very hard on the Tribute that we all heard and loved.  The Bakas (Nick & Eric)

stopped all of their normal activity and dedicated their whole show to Aaliyah. 

What they did for us the listeners was phenomenal.  No other DJ's (at least from

what I heard) did all of that.    

KMEL has not had any morning show DJ's that did what the Baka Boyz did for us,

the listeners.  If this doesn't show us that the Baka Boyz are indeed real, then I don't

know what will.  The Baka Boyz (Nick & Eric V.), J-Love, Lil Jae, and Jonny Bravo

really need to be commended for what they have done. 



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