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Sound Factory

Friday December 14, 2001



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            To all of you fans that have been checking out the Baka Boyz Fan Website as well as the Baka Boyz Website,  I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you all.  The Eric and Nick (The Baka Boyz), J-Love (their Producer), and Lil Jae (The Mummy) became really good friends of mine while they were here.  They put smiles on the faces of many and took most of us through our mornings.    Because of them, I have met some really good people that I have also came close with (Suga Shane, Scharneyse, Linda McClain, and John Harrison).  The Baka Boyz will be dearly missed by me as well as many others.

                To the Baka Boyz, J-Love, and Lil Jae....  I am so glad that you game to the Bay Area and shared your gift with us.  I can not speak for everyone else, but I can speak on my behalf and say that I do now and will always miss you guys hear in the Bay Area.  I hope that we can so how get you guys back.  You guys are no longer just dj's to me, you guys are my brothers.  May god bless you and your families and good luck in the future.

I Love  You Guys and Miss You just as Much

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