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My Name is Vickie and I live in San Jose.  I am a single mother with 3 children.  My children and I are faithful KMEL listeners.


When the Baka Boyz first came to KMEL I did not like then.  I was so use to hearing the Morning Zoo Crew.  The Baka Boyz use to irritate the hell out of me.  However, because I was such a faithful KMEL listener, I continued to listen to them. One Friday morning, I was listening to Eric V's funky friday.  This particular morning I was

really grooving to the beat.  Eric V was off the hook.  So I decided to give them a call.  Nick V answered the phone, we talked off air for a bit and the conversation was really good.  So the following week I called again and spoke with Nick V.


On  April 20th (yes 420) I finally got a chance to meet Nick and Eric Vidal.  They had their first live broadcast at Great America.  It was nice to finally see a face that went along with the voice.  I also met Nicks Wife (Rae) and the rest of the crew.  This is the day it all began.  From that day forward, I called and spoke to the Boyz everyday.  Not a day would go by without me calling them.  They Boyz really help me get through my days, and for that I love them.


I Love you Baka Boyz

(Nick & Eric Vidal, J-Love, and Lil Jae)



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