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                                       Here is what Eric V. is looking for:                                       


                                       Age range:                           22-26 years old

                                                Height:                                 5'3 - 5'7

                                                Weight:                                Average size

                                                Appearance:                        Eric likes the natural type

                                                                                                   Little or no make up

                                                                                                   No Implants (of any kind)

                                                                                                   No Weaves

                                                                                                   Nails are okay  

                                                Race:                                    Any race (he prefers bi-racial woman)  

                                                Must  have:                          A job, a car, and your own place

                                                                                             and no kids   

                                                Must Be:                              Willing to travel to the San Francisco

                                                                                             area to see him



                             To enter  please send a picture of yourself, with a personal (not physical)

                       description of yourself, as well as the following information: Name, age,

                       height, weight, email address, and a number where we can reach you 


                                                                Baka Boyz Fan Club

                                                                17880 Monterey Road  #20

                                                                Morgan Hill, CA  95037




                                        Email the picture and the above information to:

                                                (please make sure that your pics are in JPEG files)




                            It is preferred that you mail in a picture so that Eric V. can view them

                      in their original form.

                            *****Only entries with pictures and information about yourself

                                      will be view by Eric V.*****