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Nevel & Smith Family

 Memorial Fund

Breakfast Fundraiser

Thursday, September 27, 2001


Well, what can I say?  The Boyz did it again.  On Wednesday morning they received a fax saying that the families could not afford to pay for the burial of their children.  J-Love (Baka Boyz Producer) decided that they had to do something to help.  At the last minute the fellas decided that they were going to have a pancake breakfast.  The breakfast was free of charge and they just asked the their listeners come out and support the Nevel & Smith Family by giving any kind of donation that they could.  Once again, the Baka Boyz stopped their regular scheduled activities and focused on just the two families.  They even promised that they would not leave the studio until their goal of $5,000 was meet. (which was definitely not a problem).  By the time I left the station, they had raised over $15,000 in walk in donations.  That does not include all the people that called in for the address to mail donations straight to the bank. (go to the link below for pictures of the event)

On behalf of the Baka Boyz Fan Club I'd like to commend the Baka Boyz, J-Love, and Lil Jae for turning their show over to you, the listeners.  The Street Team and everyone else at KMEL that gave a hand.  Most importantly, I would like to thank those of you that came out and gave your support. 


May God Bless the families of:

           Ivan Nevels (1), Doshjwaun Smith (3), Marchelle Nevels (6), and Shamika Smith (12)


Photos from the Breakfast     

(if you were at the event and your picture is on this site, please email me with your name, the city you live in, and if you donated money how much.  Thank you?)


If you have donations for the Nevel & Smith families, please send them to:

Smith/Nevels Memorial Fun

Account #189796

Golden One Credit union

P.O. Box 15966

Sacramento, CA  95852


Pictures from the Breakfast